Our professional team of our company Japan Innovation offer the best service.

Energy-saving consulting business

We present the best proposal of cost reduction.
We can manage all of the process from proposing the best materials to installation.

Electrictity-reduction products sales business / Cell Fresh® Net

Cell Fresh® Net significantly reduces use of electricity of air conditioner which running at all times!!
Good results for refrigerators, hospitals, nursing home, restaurants, Shopping centers, small retail shops, office buildings, factories, hotels.

Energy-saving products rental business

We propose saving electricity equipment.

Electric installation business

Quick constraction of LED lighting, air conditioning, PV, communications equipment, air conditioning

Call center business

We start up a call center for technical of electrical power and answer customer's questions. We can also manage a call center under contract.

Service wholesaler / export trade business for electric parts for facilities, lighting, office automation systems, housing equipment

We sell the electric facilities and machine parts which an electric construction person chooses at the same time.
When customer order electric work, customer can also order material.
We also have business result of export to America and Australia.

Personnel training contract business

Sourcing locally for companies and personnel training for appurtenant work of new constraction

Management of website of environment support

Management of website and the community which related to a keyword "environment".
Planning and management exchange meetings.